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Having started a traditional career path, I soon realized I wanted to do things differently. Ever since I started my own business in 2015, I aimed to make complex topics and formats more human by building connection - to a cause, to other people, or ourselves. 

Having joined the Leadership Team of the Inner Development Goals in 2022, the IDG vision spoke straight from my heart: we need to develop on the inside to better work on our global challenges on the outside. 

In my speeches, I build upon this core belief when talking about my various experiences as a "sociopolitical entrepreneur", a "designer of meaningful connection," or a core member of the IDG team. 

I always aim to enrich people's minds and very much, as well, make sure to touch their hearts.


How do design & moderate hybrid events 

FRAMED Masterclass, February 2022

Showreel with Eduardo Braun


"Ever more human in the digital world or How to make your online event more lively"

BLEX 2020, The Biggest Networking Woman Conference, Online, July 2020

Bürgerforum Europa

Online, Sep 2020

Inspiring Chat #4 - Zukunfts.ARBEIT, Zukunfts.TECHNOLOGIEN

Digital Makers Hub, Fachhochschule St. Pölten

Online, May 2020

The Power of Encounters

European Future Forum and New Europeans: 
“The Future of Europe in the Shadow of Brexit”, Sept 2019, Vie

Warum Europa?

Euregio Atelier, Südtirol

Approaching Europe Emotionally. European Identity or the Tale of Two Wiener Schnitzel

EuropCom, Brussels

“Europa emotional begreifen” oder  “Die Macht des Reisens und zwei Geschichten über Wiener Schnitzel”
Österreichischer Reiseverband, Eisenstadt

Do you feel European? 

European Forum Alpbach, Alpbach

My love for Europe
Creative Mornings, Vienna

What makes me feel alive? 

The Arc Training, Berlin

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