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Documentary on Drucker Forum

Here's a watchlist recommendation for the weekend: Puls24 just broadcasted a documentary on the Global Peter Drucker Forum (that took place in November in Vienna) as part of the 4GAMECHANGERS channel. It paints a beautiful portrait of Peter Drucker and why so many still follow his philosophy of making management impactful and more human.

It gives voice to international long-time Drucker Forum friends like Amy Edmondson, Sarah Green Carmichael or Gary Hamel as much as voices from the Austrian landscape like Marie Ringler, Felix Häusler or Heike Mensi-Klarbach. You can sneak into the backstage area and see how Drucker TV was produced - and wonderfully led by Justin Brady & Christine Broggiato.

And from around min 35 on, I get my 5 minutes of fame explaining my ideas on good moderation and how I believe connection is essential to create meaning and purpose in any type of conference.

Only downside: most of the documentary is in German (apart from the English-speaking interviewees).


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