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How can we trust AI?

Finally back to real life moderations (with a lot of distance!) At the beginning I invited everyone to take a moment to appreciate what we've been missing for so long: real human interactions, looking each other in the eye, feeling each other's presence - as I'm convinced that digitalization makes us even more aware of the importance of this deep human longing for connection.

The topic of the day actually proved that point: we spoke about the chances & challenges for Europe to position itself as an innovation leader in Artificial Intelligence. Currently China and the US are heading the race, especially in patents on AI - as European laws are much stricter. But Europe pays far more attention to ethics in AI. Because what we need is not just to develop AI but also to use it in our own best interest - and that boils down to yet another longing that is deeply human: trust.

Thanks for the invitation Austria Wirtschaftsservice & Federation of Austrian Industries for hosting. I was happy to learn from the speakers Edeltraud Stiftinger, Christoph Neumayer, Weitgruber Barbara, Florian Frauscher, Mariana Karepova, Clemens Wasner, Richard Ljuhar, Michael Stadler, Petra Huber, Patrick Ratheiser, Klaus Loibner, Claudia Schwarz and Frederik Stöhr.

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