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How green technology can save us

Dress the occasion, they say. So, green it was! As April 26th marks the "World Intellectual Property Day" - and yesterday we talked about "Green IP". Green technologies are innovations that hinder or fight the harm of natural resources - and according to the European Patent Office make up 6-12% of the ideas registered.

In the hall of Industriellenvereinigung, it was just emperor Franz Josef - or at least his portrait - the speakers and myself. Online we had people joining in from Vienna Meidling, Hawaii up to a sailboat!

The goal of the discussion was clear: to save the world. How? Together.

For that, we need to establish a feeling for each other: trust, belonging, a sense of being in this challenge together and an understanding how everything is connected: From an idea, to a program that supports the protection of its IP like "AWS Green IP", to a patent lawyer, a cluster like the Green Tech Cluster connecting startups with businesses up to successful green companies like Vienna Textile Lab who create color out of bacteria or Braun Rückbautechnologie who deconstruct nuclear material.

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