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How women in science can excel

Yesterday the Austrian Science Fund FWF invited the female researchers who they support through their programs for an evening of exchange on how to grow your career as a woman in science - as still in 2021 we are far off gender equality (equal pay, equal representation in higher positions, equal working conditions...)

Jutta Allmendinger - who is fighting for the women's quota in listed companies in Germany - was one of the seven truly inspiring female experts who shared their experience and together with the audience gathered ideas and suggestions how women can push their careers:

- Say "yes" to jobs and speaking engagements more often!

- Say "no" to too many board roles that you get offered as a "quota woman" (as it can be pretty time consuming)!

- Don't let yourself be interrupted as easily - men usually don't ;-)

- Show more media presence!

- Be more courageous!

What's yours?


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