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Making leadership more human

What's always amazed me about the Global Peter Drucker Forum is how Richard Straub and his wife Ilse manage to not only get world-class speakers (that you usually only know from the covers of their books on your shelf) to the Forum but specifically how they have created this very special international community that is truly dedicated to Drucker's ideas: team members as much as participants, all sharing the vision to make leadership and management more human!

This year we could see and feel this once more put into action - at the biggest event we ever had: 2 days online (including a personal record of 15hours non-stop hosting) + 2 days in-person in Vienna! It is no surprise, my personal highlights revolve around just that:

Being amazed by how Dr. Simone Ahuja made six CEOs dance to Justin Timberlake on stage; feeling a spirit of togetherness when Felipe Gomez made us all hum along to Coldplay together; learning about things I still can't quite grasp like how the blockchain can contribute to solving the challenges of our times as Don Tapscott explained in his fireside chat; getting into deeper discussions during the unconference that Lena Robinson, Dušan Janković, Wolfgang Lassl and Bernhard Sieber, MBA helped to pull off and last but definitely not least, having the great honour to host the event together with my all-time favourite Chief Emotions Officer Eduardo P. Braun.

And yes, of course - no event without my beloved Yoga pose to untighten our stiff shoulders. ;-)

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