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Online events = a chance, not a burden

Here's a new word I learned last week: "instired" - a combination of "inspired" and "tired" ;-) A participant gave me this word in the check out round after two days of my training on how to design and moderate online and hybrid events and make them more human that I had the great pleasure to give for the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut fuer Entwicklungspolitik (DIE).

Among many other exercises and tools, we did journal together, designed our own visual way of saying good bye and worked with a huge Miro board. But what seemed most important: in the end, the participants said they could finally see online and hybrid events as a chance instead of a burden. This is the spirit! If we decide to just try it, this new area can be one big invitation to experiment, have fun and find meaningful ways of connecting in a new way!

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