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In the past year, I dived quite deep into the realms of online moderation. Working with Media Apparat has opened up a completely new dimension in this field for me. Together with their partner companies they founded the biggest virtual production studio in Austria - and shooting there is truly impressive, as it feels like a merger of online settings with a proper TV production.

Exhibit A: this digital roadshow organised for Raiffeisen that I moderated in the studio last month where I learned how digitalization is already changing the way we pay in the future. As someone who still grew up fumbling for "Schilling" in my wallet, soon there won't even be the need for a wallet at all anymore. As instead of searching for it at the supermarket counter, it's already easier to pay with the one thing we always know where to find, our phone. Or for the early adaptors: with the ring on our finger or a bracelet. ;-)


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