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99 balloons for Europe

It's been two years to the day since this moment. Hundreds of people who participated in "Routes - die Europareise mitten in Wien" that day let 99 red balloons with their wishes for Europe fly into the Viennese sky.

I am not entirely convinced their wishes have come true yet - or if some might have taken a twisted turn at some point...

But what I do know is this: throughout all my life, it has always been moments like this that touch me. Moments when one small collective action makes us suddenly feel a sense of togetherness. Even if it might just be for one fleeting moment. The memory might linger on some time longer. As it does for me.

For every time I hear "Paradise" by Coldplay, I switch back to that moment and feel the joy of being part of an amazing community that had emerged around this project: my team, the volunteers, the artists and sponsors and every single participant holding a red balloon filled with a thought, a hope, a dream that slowly lifted into the air.

So now, more than ever, it might just need more moments that make us wonder: Just imagine we were in this together. Paradise.

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