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A Day of Drucker

Those who've studied economics, know his name like no other. I still had to familiarize myself with his ideas and philosophy - to then fall in love with them: Peter Drucker was first and foremost interested in people, he knew the importance of listening and how to focus on the right questions instead of the right answers. And that in the end, it is all about the positive difference we make - as individuals on one another and as businesses on society.

Last week at a #DayofDrucker the second big online event by the Global Peter Drucker Forum we focused on Peter Drucker, the human, and came up with rather personal stories on how his ideas have impacted so many in their work, and their lives, and how they live on in their endeavours to build better organisations.

And as always, it's the people who make it all worth it: on one hand, the speakers who made listening easy and enriching, and on the other, our participants who filled the chat with non-stop input, did yoga exercises with us in the breaks, stayed up till 4:30 (!) in the morning to not miss a single session and gathered in the conversation lounge to do what's usually difficult in online events: meet new people and have a meaningful exchange!

pic by GMR Photography & Film - Gerry Mayer-Rohrmoser


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