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In times like these it really feels like there's too much happening at once and not enough time to digest. But then there are moments to pause - and digest - and look back - and smile.

So I am looking back to the first ever 3 day virtual Global Peter Drucker Forum that I had the great great honour to design, co-host and implement, together with a fantastic team.

In spite of it being mostly 2 dimensional, the human element was ever more present and tangible - not only behind the scenes, but also very much on the screen:

more than 100 inspiring speakers and moderators joined us from plenty of different timezones to discuss new ways of leadership,

a truly engaged community filled the chat with life worth an entire pile of books, musical regards from all over the world inspired us, meditation calmed us and a session on Clayton Christensen who must have been not only a great leader but also a wonderful person, moved us to tears.

It was a coincidence that the opening of the Forum fell exactly on my birthday and literally left me without a minute to look at my birthday wishes - but it also led to, as the head of the Forum put it, "a birthday you will always remember".

Looking back at this truly exceptional experience, that one is for sure.

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