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Free Masterclass on how to do hybrid events

In times like these, it seems irrelevant to talk about anything else than the global crisis unfolding in our direct neighbourhood in the middle of Europe. I find myself doubting the meaning of my own work as long as it doesn't have any immediate effect on stopping the war and ending the suffering.

I have often criticised events and conferences for having no real outcome and being all too much superficial "blabla". I still do.

And still, I have to uphold my belief in the power of communication. In this case, communication didn't succeed in preventing the horrible events from happening. Certainly, no conference did.

Nevertheless, communication holds the power and the potential to bring us what we so desperately need, now more than ever: common understanding, visions to believe in and the motivation to move forward together.

No matter if small or large scale, we need to talk to each other.

Designing and moderating events have no impact on the current atrocities. The only thing it might do is add to better, more authentic and meaningful communication. We are the ones to choose the topics. We are the ones to create outcomes.I am holding on to the meaning of this, still.

This Thursday, 10.3. at 5pm CET Media Apparat PHQ GmbH will screen my episode of their masterclass on how to do hybrid events. I could share my takes on how to moderate them and make them more interactive - and by that hopefully, create communication that matters. (in German with English subs)

Register here for free:

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