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Seeing the future that has arrived

Everyone working in the field of management knows the name: Peter Drucker. Yesterday, I got to support the Business Club by the Austrian association of Paris in hosting a session in cooperation with the Global Peter Drucker Forum on the very man who influenced our thinking on management like not many others - by always putting the focus on the human dimension.

Richard Straub in conversation with Julia Kirby gave us a brilliant insight into Drucker's life: he grew up in a house in Vienna where his mother had scientists, politicians, artists and doctors over for dinner every second day - which turned into his main "education", as he said. Among a lot of things, he learned that "the most important thing in conversations is hearing what isn’t said“.

What Drucker tried to do was something we could benefit from greatly looking at today's challenges: to "see the future that has already arrived". The future is already there. We just have to make an effort to see it.


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