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"Social" & "entrepreneurs" - how does that go together?

I truly loved to design and moderate a session at VIENNA DESIGN WEEK last week. Whilst diving into what "design" and "social entrepreneurship" can mean, we tackled stereotypes that exist around these terms, exchanged challenges on both sides, wondered what a designer can do if a social project asks for their free service and how social entrepreneurs can turn design into an integral part of their business model.

Thanks to Kreativwirtschaft Austria and AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA for the invitation to be a designer myself - in my case, a designer of encounter and connection. I enjoyed the openness of our participants and the great insights by experienced "social designers" (yes, we can continue to discuss that term ;-)) Darjan Hil & Nicole Lachenmeier from Superdot - visualizing complexity, Sofia Podreka from 好好社企 Good Goods and moriz piffl from Vollpension.

Pics by Marko Kovic

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