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Katharina Moser

moderator &
experience designer
Radical authenticity


We tend to ignore a simple truth:

humans are not only rational but also emotional beings.

By that, we lose out on our full potential to achieve our goals.


In both my roles - as moderator & leadership team member of the Inner Development Goals - I create emotional connections that form the basis for collaboration and impact

This is what is needed to tackle the challenges of our times together. 



Amazing and enjoyable how Katharina was able to draw the best out of all participants, linking the talks and creating an indispensable level of energy and high engagement. A skill few truly possess.

Paul Polman,

Former CEO, Unilever


Katharina’s work is extraordinary. I have participated in countless conferences, around the world, and can honestly say that she stands out as the best moderator I’ve ever had the pleasure to observe and work with. She combines warmth, intelligence and humour."

Amy C. Edmondson,

Professor, Harvard Business School


Katharina is connection.

Simone Ahuja, 

Founder, Blood Orange

what my
clients say


Katharina Moser is a designer of meaningful connection to foster collaboration on global challenges.

She has designed, organized, and moderated around 300 events, focusing on making them more human. In 2022 she joined the Executive Board of the Inner Development Goals, leading the design of the summit 2023. 


Previously, she worked for the Austrian Foreign Ministry, the British Council, and the European Forum Alpbach, before she founded the creative agency MOSAIK in 2015. (one of her projects was awarded the State Prize on Europe).

She is on the board of Bürgerforum Europa; the Austrian Society for European Politics, a founding member of Alliance4Europe, and a member of the BMW Responsible Leaders Network.

believer in the power of empathy

about me

Making people feel

People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but the will never forget how you made them feel.


Maya Angelou


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2. Feb. 2023

Documentary on Drucker Forum

Here's a watchlist recommendation for the weekend: Puls24 just broadcasted a documentary on the Global Peter Drucker Forum (that took place in November in Vienna) as part of the 4GAMECHANGERS channel. It paints a beautiful portrait of Peter Drucke...


15. Dez. 2022

IDG toolkit is launched

Yesterday, 600 people from literally all over the world joined us for the launch of the Inner Development Goals toolkit - a so to say "public library" of methods and tools to support all of us in our inner development. It is meetings like this that ...


27. Nov. 2022

The Next Opportunity in Rome

Surrounded by the utter beauty of the "eternal city", I got to do my last Master of Ceremony duty this year for "EMEA Confluence" by Infosys in Rome. They became carbon neutral in 2020, so the event's topic was: how can the digital transformation be...

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