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New beginnings

So here’s the thing: Ever since school, I have loved the beginning of autumn. A certain feeling of excitement has stayed ingrained in my body that boils up inside me when the last summer days have passed, a fresh breeze finally lets my brain think again and my feet have to find their way back into socks.

It is this time of the year that to me is deeply connected with the feeling of a fresh start. Back then it was seeing my friends again, a new seating order in the classroom, new school subjects... Or, in the very early days: a „Schultüte“ - that I actually received twice: once at my older brother’s first day at school and once at my own (one of the upsides of being the little one in the family).

Up until now, I love this fresh energy that the end of summer holds for me. So as autumn has officially started, schools are opening up and I moved into my new office, what would be more fitting than a little treat - and the reminder of an almost childish excitement for everything new to come that I have carried with me throughout all these years.


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